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PreSafe in the Classroom

  Does Your School Teach Safety Training?

One day of safety training each year is not enough.

Year Round Training makes a SAFETY SMART CHILD!


Experience the first safety learning system that merges Academic Thinking with Safety Actions.  The PreSafe workbook contains over 100 safety lessons in six chapters plus a Safety Exam! Within each chapter are simple and more complex versions of each safety topic for all ages in your classrooms. PreSafe uses important concepts your students need including basic skills, arts, math and social studies.  How you use and promote is up to you.  We offer some suggestions to get you started on your Safety Program!

 Easy Steps to Launch Success!

Launch your new safety program with a week-long event that includes the following launch promotions and marketing strategies:

Send an email to all your parents to announce the PreSafe Program.

Have your parents go to childsafetylessons.com for lesson previews.

Make a classroom/front desk safety poster or banner.  Get creative!

Each day, teach a safety lesson from each chapter that the child takes home. Ask them to turn the page over and do their own safety lesson with their parents. Have them bring it back next week to talk about. This will announce the launch to all your parents and they will be able to see the quality of the lessons first hand.

Creating a Teaching Schedule

Decide which is the best day to teach a safety lesson each week.  If your number of students is constant, then choose the Friday plan we suggest below.  If there is another day during the week when your population peaks, use that as your Safety Day.

     Sample Lesson Plan               
The lesson that you teach in class during table time (or equivalent) on Friday is the one you ask your parents to teach their children  so they can bring their child’s version that next Tuesday for Safety Show and Tell.

On Monday, send an email reminder to your parents to have their child bring the lesson the next day for Safety Show and Tell.  

On Tuesday, have a class that features the lessons they made at home.

This creates the (new) Friday and (review) Tuesday lesson schedule.  

Get Creative and have fun!

2018 National Safety Calendar

Host Safety Events During the Year to Support These Causes!

February 4-10 National Burn Awareness Week ameriburn.org

March 18-24 National Poison Prevention Week poisonhelp.hrsa.gov

May   National Bike Month   bikeleague.org

June National Safety Month nsc.org/nsm

September 17-23 National Child Passenger Safety Week nhsta.gov

October  13th   Home Fire Drill Day   HomeFireDrillDayMakeSafeHapppen.com

PreSafe can Benefit Your Business in Five Ways:

1 - Add more value to your existing curriculum with safety training.
2 - Strengthen customer loyalty with an ongoing safety program.
3 - Keep your customers renewing and referring their friends.
4 - Attract new customers from your competition with safety training.
5 - Use PreSafe for fundraising opportunities in your community.